The Giant English Market Thread

I wouldn’t look into the pop report too much. It is possible that many Japanese copies are still sitting in Japan.

Note that the Japanese copies will have a different holo type as well.

(Not my card)

If price point was equivalent, I would personally choose the English Crystal Charizard.


Cases shouldn’t make a difference but they do to some. All cases will be older cases at some point. There’s better and worse 9s out there imo.

Them aint english


I’m not too familiar with graded cards. How different are the new PSA slabs? Looking at that pic I honestly don’t notice a difference.

Also, does recasing really cost $70? That’s crazy. I assumed it’d be 10 bucks or something, since there’s no grading or anything literally just casing.

It’s the label. I don’t think theres much difference with the actual plastic slab.

Recasing has different tiers just like grading. It’s riskier to crack an expensive card so it’s more expensive to do so. This one would probably submit at lowest tier of $25, but insured shipping both ways would likely double that or more so $70 is possible.

shipping to psa: $5-???
reholder: $25
insured shipping back from psa: $40

plus all the time you waste refreshing your “orders” page adds up

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As a matter of interest, has anyone else experienced a noticeable slow down in sales and interest from buyers this past week? It’s probably just specific to my page, especially as I don’t review prices very often, and being UK based, but every week i’ll at the very least get offers and queries about cards. This last 7 days has been nothing but radio silence and tumbleweed, and I’m wondering if there’s a wider trend?

Same here, I’ve put it down to people preordering SV base. I imagine the first set of a new era will have quite a lot of people interested even if they dont normally open modern?

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Good point, hadn’t thought of that. I would say glad I’m not the only one but then again it’s not a good thing to be glad about! Meanwhile I’m still buying Vstar boxes from that guy on eBay offering them at £73 because I need to feed my opening addiction with this goddamn set…

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Those are all fake man.

Take some time to study the details of authentic cards so you know how to spot them before even considering a $100 purchase let alone a $1k+ one.


Yeah I thought the foil looked odd, but I didn’t spend much time looking at the photos.

New cases tend are a bit bulkier as well, but still stack comfortably with old ones.

hi everyone, I’m fairly new to the selling side of the hobby and was wondering what do you usually do with lowball offers?

asking because I’ve had a post for several weeks now but the highest offer I’ve had is for 40% of my BIN price, and I’m not sure if I should even send a counteroffer (say 85-95% of BIN) when my target price is so far from theirs. For context the item is priced right around other recent completed sales, and I was hoping to get at the very least 80% of the BIN price.

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Set a minimum best offer and then you only see offers that fit your parameters. Or if you want 80%, set minimum best offer of 70% that way it opens negotiation and you can counter at 80%.


Completely ignore them


Good question to ask. :smile:

Your ebay store is your house. If you want to sell at a certain range, and someone is coming in telling you it’s too high or just offering a low ball, EVEN if it IS too high, you don’t have to respond. Don’t let anyone come in and disrespect you in your house.



Earlier this morning I received a mail from PKM saying they have restocked PC etbs, BBs and more from Brilliant Stars to Silver Tempest.


English SV singles are probably going to be really cheap, from a sample size of 1000 packs;

Double Rare (Regular ex) 1:9
Ultra Rare (Full Art) 1:15
Illustration Rare 1:13
Special Illustration Rare 1:29
Hyper Rare (Gold) 1:50

SV singles are indeed dropping like hotcakes. Makes me wonder if they are going to continue falling uninterrupted, or someone is going to attempt some cheeky manipulation at some point like with Astral Radiance. And if they do, will it work?

I’m really curious how the SV era plays out. This base set is so much better than any base set before it, and to think they’re only in first gear is super exciting. I fully expect some ridiculous stonk cards to appear in future sets, but SV Base feels a lot like SWSH Base in terms of market frenzy.

Is it true pull rates on SAR/UR’s is higher than SWSH? Or is it that there are just more appealing cards overall?