The Giant English Market Thread

I’m not too fussed about old slab vs new slab personally, as long as the card looks like its grade. This card looks a bit rough for a 9 though.

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There’s also a PSA 9 1st Edition Mysterious Mountains Crystal Charizard in slightly better condition for sale at a similar price. Looking at PSA pop reports there are only 71 of them compared to the Skyridge’s 251. Less rare than JP unlimited but much rarer than the Skyridge one. Good alternative?

I wouldn’t look into the pop report too much. It is possible that many Japanese copies are still sitting in Japan.

Note that the Japanese copies will have a different holo type as well.

(Not my card)

If price point was equivalent, I would personally choose the English Crystal Charizard.


Cases shouldn’t make a difference but they do to some. All cases will be older cases at some point. There’s better and worse 9s out there imo.

Them aint english


I’m not too familiar with graded cards. How different are the new PSA slabs? Looking at that pic I honestly don’t notice a difference.

Also, does recasing really cost $70? That’s crazy. I assumed it’d be 10 bucks or something, since there’s no grading or anything literally just casing.

It’s the label. I don’t think theres much difference with the actual plastic slab.

Recasing has different tiers just like grading. It’s riskier to crack an expensive card so it’s more expensive to do so. This one would probably submit at lowest tier of $25, but insured shipping both ways would likely double that or more so $70 is possible.

shipping to psa: $5-???
reholder: $25
insured shipping back from psa: $40

plus all the time you waste refreshing your “orders” page adds up

As a matter of interest, has anyone else experienced a noticeable slow down in sales and interest from buyers this past week? It’s probably just specific to my page, especially as I don’t review prices very often, and being UK based, but every week i’ll at the very least get offers and queries about cards. This last 7 days has been nothing but radio silence and tumbleweed, and I’m wondering if there’s a wider trend?

Same here, I’ve put it down to people preordering SV base. I imagine the first set of a new era will have quite a lot of people interested even if they dont normally open modern?

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Good point, hadn’t thought of that. I would say glad I’m not the only one but then again it’s not a good thing to be glad about! Meanwhile I’m still buying Vstar boxes from that guy on eBay offering them at £73 because I need to feed my opening addiction with this goddamn set…

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Those are all fake man.

Take some time to study the details of authentic cards so you know how to spot them before even considering a $100 purchase let alone a $1k+ one.


Yeah I thought the foil looked odd, but I didn’t spend much time looking at the photos.

New cases tend are a bit bulkier as well, but still stack comfortably with old ones.