The curious case of Chinchou EX Hidden Legends 57

OK, I got a quite interesting PM the other day from Maverick Nate, the guy who runs the TCG section on Bulbapedia.

Apparently, this card randomly was an English exclusive - he can’t find the Japanese card it originates from. Is he pulling my leg? (I’m too lazy to find out myself).

As he says:

The one numbered 56 appeared in the Japanese counter part set, Undone Seal, but number 57 did not appear until it was reprinted in EX Legend Maker/Mirage Forest. Thought you might either be interested in another English exclusive card, or would be able to tell me how wrong I was if it does in fact have a Japanese origin and I somehow missed it., =p

Anyone able to shed some light on this?

Bumping this. Does anyone know whether this was first released in Japan or not?

No Clue…sorry

I do.

This HL card, have the same attacks as the LM one, Just different artwork.

And that HL artwork is English exclusive.

Cheers jason, you are awesome!

Why on earth would they randomly make an alternate art version of a random card? I guess we will never know for sure…