The 4xxx Trend Needs To Die

Just got this message tonight…


Blocked, thank you


I blame PSA, not the consumer. Whether or not it’s justified, PSA hasn’t done anything to come out and squash the rumors.

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4xXx cErTs ArE tHe StRoNgEsT


Do you really think PSA cares what the minority of these Pokemon noobs think? I mean c’mon what do you want them to do?


I mean its quite hard when the claim flip-flops every couple months about them grading harsher or easier. They also haven’t changed their grading standards on their website which would presumably mean their grading standards also haven’t changed.

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Ya I find people discriminating on old certs very annoying. I find what annoys me and make sure not to do these things when I buy. For example Old Certs, Strong of weak grade, Thickness of 1st edition stamp. And anything along those lines cringes me. Or if someone says a card is overvalued and due a price drop. Or for the love of God the horrible Pokemon B word not to be mentioned like Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter


Lol how did that card go for 7k looks more like a PSA 7 LOL


Thats an impossible task. If a company had to address every single conspiracy about them, they would never get anything accomplished.

It’s super easy to say anything on the internet. Majority of the time its not worth acknowledging those people, as they will just double down in their insanity. Any type of acknowledgment from PSA is a losing scenario.


That customer is rude (and reneged), but there does seem to be a difference between 2xx and 4xx. One user here has found it to be around 8% on one metric (proportion of 10s graded), but the difference may have been even greater if more data from the 2xx series were included.

That was only one metric. It could use more study.

Even if this was the case, it is a small percentage and can’t just be blindly applied to all cert numbers. As always general trends or data for the masses means little when looking at individual items.

Its like saying on average women live slightly longer than men by 8% but that doesn’t mean that all women will live longer than all men and more factors are taking into consideration when looking at an individual. Again this is assuming a big IF that PSA 4xxx actually do grade harder than 2xxx which is still unlikely in itself.


@smpratte, the trend can never die as long as it is still discussed on a frequent basis giving it more time and attention and thought…

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How hard would it be for them to come out and say something along the lines of “we pride ourselves on how consistent we have graded and assessed cards over the past 20+ years while retaining rigorous grading standards” as a backhanded PR move?

I mean what do these picky buyer want people with old certs to do? Crack out PSa 10s and 9s of old certs and resubmit them hoping for the same grade and pay the additional fees and possible up charges again? Why would anyone that owns a old cert do this? Edit a idea came to me. Any old card you guys have in a new cert number go ahead and double your selling price. See if they still want new certs or not then :wink:


So older PSA certs are graded more leniently and newer certs more harsh? Sorry I’m still learning…

That’s what some people believe, but it is largely unsubstantiated. A 10 is a 10. PSA isn’t perfect, but it does have a good reputation and tends to be the preferred grading company for a reason. Even if their standards for grading have gotten harsher over time, the differences between earlier and later certs is largely negligible. At the end of the day, you are still getting an extremely nice condition card.


I dont understand this at all. I’m sure there are no standards that changed from the top of PSA. If the graders change, or there is a high turnover, sure grades might chage/adapt over time, but to say one cert is better then another is something I don’t understand, and why some people seem to obsess about.

Here is one of my childhood cards, that I was expecting a 4-5, and it received a 7, from a 44XXX cert. Yes, this is only one example of thousands, but people seem to pick and choose based on hurt feeling they didn’t receive a 10.

(Scratches over entire holo, severe edge and corner wear, and black marks on back, near poke ball)


From my understanding near mint cards are cards that are intact, no creases and no significant pieces missing. As long as there is a shine to the back card (not dull. Then that card is a 7.

only reason I would want a newer cert vs older one is that it is easier to fake the older certs.