Have you test drove one? is it self driving? any info can you share with me. I need to know everything about the car + company.

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I do so almost every day at my job and we actually have charging stations at our job. I would like to keep my job anonymous (nothing important or crazy just don’t wanna have it all over the internet) but I do have experience with them and a lot of other higher end cars. What would you like to know?

self driving? can you manually drive it? What are the cool features? What is the life expectancy of the car? How much electricity does it take to charge it? any other relevant info you can tell me?

The Car:
There are currently a few models.
-The two door sports car (that was the first Tesla which was very Lotus looking) might be discontinued.
-The S Model (Sedan) which is available in several trims including a sports version. Most popular.
-The SUV with the wing doors (only drove it once)-It’s a new model

Technologically speaking this car is a dream. For the price $70K+ (and the segment it competes with) the car offers a lot.
What I like:- The car is fully keyless. Not just keyless, there is actually no start or stop. You just approach the car and it’s already on. You leave the car and he will shut down on its own.
-The inside is fully digital, the speedometer is a beautiful screen and in the center console is a huge screen the size of an iPad pro.
-The car sends stats and other information to your phone. Driving stats as well as charging status.
-Again, for the price (assuming you are buying a car in that segment it is a steal).
What I hate:
-I do notice all the time when you release accelerator there is a like a kick dragging you back. Like it instantly reduces the acceleration. (it is very noticeable. more drastic that in a manual or semi-automatic cars).
-Leather quality is not great. (It gets on my nerves when I see a car with 30K miles with stretch marks on the seats).
-The charging is not universal, it is the Tesla charging cord. For example, Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, Prius Prime and I think BMW I3 and I8 also use the main one.
However, keep in mind, where there is a station, most of the time there is both, Tesla and generic. Tesla has teamed with a lot of utility companies to make sure both are available.
Some pics I took. The car is not mine so please don’t share lol.
This is the key

This is the inside I was talking about

Self driving- I personally have never dared to use it. Recently there was a huge accident where the person was using the self driving feature while watching a movie on his phone. A white truck crossed in front of him and because the truck was white, the sensors blended the truck with the sky and the guy was decapitated. Again, this was the person’s fault but this is an area I cannot review because I am not allowed to use it at work.

Anything else you need to know let me know. Again, I don’t personally own one but I drive one almost every day or every other day and I consider myself quite knowledgeable in cars :blush:


Thanks for the review for the car. I think I’m going to try to do a test drive next weekend. I love all the “hates” comments you gave me because those are the crucial information that everyone should know.

Do you lease your tesla?

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They build them here in the Vegas valley.
Know little about them besides it has an awesome logo;)

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Also how much does it cost to charge the tesla per month if you don’t have a charging station at work OR solar panels

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Haha no worries man! :blush: I currently do not own one but like I said, I get in one almost daily. I do recommend checking charging stations in your area since they can supplement the cost of charging it. For calculating the cost of the charge, check your power bill and see how much your state/power company charges for the kwH.
So for example in Florida where I live, Duke Energy charges:

House Power Bill (based on FL rates):
Energy Charge:
First 1000 kwH 6.877 cents
Above 1000 kwH 8.277 cents

Fuel Charge:
First 1000 kwH 3.377 cents
Above 1000 kwH 4.377 cents

I will use the Above values.
The Tesla uses about 77kwH to fully charge.
8.277+4.377 = 12.654 cents per kwH
12.654 cents/kwH X 77 kwH (Tesla) = $9.74 a charge.

Keep in mind that the range is about 200 miles which is less than your average car. So at this rate $9.74 gives you about 200 miles.

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  • Uses exotic cars on the daily
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  • Mysterious knowledge of a guy getting decapitated in a Tesla

@jjnoriega is James Bond confirmed


HAHAHAAHAHAAAHAHA this comment made my night I swear!!! :grin: :wink:

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I dont have my license and am waiting for self driving car to be the norm and its tech to mature, because i cant drive and i dont like things (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

Plus if i get a car, how am i suppose to buy pokemoon cards. WHat a waiste of cashingtons.

I’m with you on not using the self driving technology right now. But in a slightly ironic statement, once we get more cars implementing self driving technology, the safer it will be. The AI can learn a lot more quickly if it can interact with other vehicles also using the same tech :blush: .


Which indicates their not using radar, I believe all other manufacturers use radar in their auto-braking.

They do use radar. The problem is that the radar technology has a feature that allows it to ignore certain whites. This “ignore” prevents the car from confusing highway/ street signs from actual incoming objects. Without this feature, the car can stop out of nowhere. I have been in some cars with a less complex breaking system. For example CitySafetyTM breaks for gate-arms when you are under a certain speed (this is not an auto pilot). Let me tell you the brake is not fun. I’ve witnessed it several times (with me as the driver) and they are neck-breaking moments lol. The car thinks you are not stopping based on the distance/speed you are approaching the object when you really are. For example, when I approach a certain gate arm where I work, I only reduce my speed and let the car roll as I click the gate arm beeper AND EVERY FREAKING TIME I SHIT MYSELF when I forget I’m in a car with CitySafety lol because it comes to a complete stop. Again, this one is not auto pilot like the Tesla is just the regular self-braking feature some average car companies are offering.

Radar can see colors? I thought they’re using optical, hence the white issue.


Sorry if I didn’t explain well :slightly_frowning_face: You have the auto pilot and the radar system. The auto pilot is capable of sorting through the objects that it sees (hence the whole color stuff) . The radar has the capacity to overwrite what it’s detecting to avoid confusion with incoming things such as street signs and ultimately prevent unnecessary stops. This happened last summer and I haven’t searched for the investigation’s final report (it was supposed to take up to a year). However, here is a link I was able to find in regards to that accident.
Warning: The pic in there might be a bit graphic although the body is not there.


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Off topic, but amusing


‘He said that the Ford autonomous car as envisioned by the automaker would have neither a gas pedal nor a steering wheel, and that passengers wouldn’t have to control the car “in a predefined area.”’ - because drivers were falling asleep

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We hired a guy to do some contract work for a month in NYC. He lived in LA. Rather than fly out, he prefered to drive his Model S. He truly loved that car. One day we spoke about it quite a bit and he mentioned he was on Auto Pilot for most of the trip. He said he would sleep or read for most of the trip. His favorite part was stopping & chatting with other Tesla drivers at the charging stations.

Sadly, he did get in a wreck while he was here. He ran over a pothole that popped his tire. He frequently drove on Auto Pilot even in the city. This happened while Auto Pilot was on.