Does anyone on here play this game?

I did for a bit and my friend played it a ton. What platform are you on?

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ah… I miss terraria… I went crazy with the first release, and maxed out everything, and was jumping on clouds, dug into hell… then, I had nothing else to do… as all my friends left…

I think they have released a lot of updates since then, with new features. It was a Tons of fun game. NOt sure if I can go back to it after I completed the first lot.

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I played on xbox360 initially but I moved to PC just because it was updated more frequently than the others. They just came out with another big update and have had a few others previous. They also made online play a lot easier to set up. I started over a couple of times and played through with one of my buddies. I think even though it’s a minecraft clone It is a lot more fun. The game play is better and there is more progression involved.

I’d be willing to run through it again if anyone wants.

Yeah, I hate minecraft… I love terraria though… I was playing on PC , I used to like to troll the PVP also… pop into a server with no armor on, then pwn everyone in surprise…

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