Tenaciousm17's Collection Wants

Hello! I’m hoping to find some of the following cards:

* PSA 10 Players Promo Flareon
* UED Mint Mew Gold star from defense and offense of the furthest ends.
* WC Mew Gold star
* NM/Mint Latias Gold Star from Clash of the blue sky
* PSA 9 Shining Steelix English
* Ancient Mew Japanese corrected Nintendo version

For the PSA 10 Players Promo, I’m willing to pay nicely for the Flareon. The others I am more than happy to pay good money for them as well if they are in NM/Mint condition or better. Yes, I am searching for PSA 9 only Shining Steelix also. Please pm me if you are interested. Thank you!

Welcome back. :blush:

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Thank you. :blush:

I have a suicune gold star-english

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Just an update on my current cards I’m searching for! Thanks.