Tcg-Promotional Stickers (EX-era and beyond)

Hi there!
I got 4 of these, roughly postcard-sized, stickers a while ago in Japan. (Mainly due to the fact that Armaldo is featured in one of them)
The thing is, I can’t find any info on them other than the artist for the Hidden Legends one being Kouki Saitou and the art from the Sandstorm one being the same as the one featured on the tin released in 2003.

I’m aware of later promotional stickers being given out to promote the tcg, but the other ones I’ve seen so far seem to be the same size as regular Pokemon cards.
Does anyone possibly have any additional info on these? I attached scans of the stickers in question. (The lot I purchased consisted of 1 Sandstorm and 3 Hidden Legends stickers)

Perhaps we could share different ones in this thread as well to catalogue them as I haven’t seen many databases (that catalog tcg sets) feature the stickers released to promote them :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll add an additional scan of a smaller, standard-sized sticker featuring darkrai in a bit.

Sandstorm Sticker

Hidden Legends Sticker