Pokemon Tournament Sticker Sheets

I just picked up this sticker sheet printed by media factory and it features three tournament logos on it www.hardrock-pokemon.com/image/cache/Pokemon-Sticker-Tropical-Mega-Super-Secret-Battle-500x500.jpg Does anyone have an idea why they were printed or have any info on them? Anything would be greatly appreciated.

No idea why they were but where did you get it :blush: I saw your new picture and thought it was a promo from the event, it looks awsome!

Hahaha thanks :blush: I picked it up from Brian. He didn’t know to much about them either. It kinda has me stumped.

does he have another? Was it on his ebay shop or the other one online?

how much did you get it for?

I got it from him off his non ebay site. He may have another, never hurts to ask. I paid a very reasonable price :wink:

Already did :blush: he didnt but I got a cool grand party one along with the 1999 pokemon world championships one and the 2002 battle road one. They might go on the back of the new guitar :blush:

Thats pretty cool! What tournament from 1999 TMB, SSB or Blastoise? I don’t think I’m peeling mine considering I don’t know anything about it yet.

what type of guitar I have a red frender stratocastor

I was thinking the same, I was probably going to put the grand party on maybe, or some that are not from the very rare tourney’s.

And magickookie I have multiple the one I was going to put it on would be my ibanez Jem555.

Nice guitar

Hahahah and topic change…now! kinda went astray?

Sorry Mike! I will post some pics of the stickers when they arrive to keep it going. I was going to ask around to see if anyone knew about the stickers, how many were given out and things like that.

Hahaha its alright I was only joking :blush: Yeah im interested in seeing the ones you bought. I will scan a better photo of mine in as well. It appears there is some writing above the SSB Logo. If I happen to find anything out about these I will let you know.

Ah yeah I noticed that, the SSB is my favorite trophy card/tournament I like how they have the master ball on that sticker, that is where most people used their master ball, getting mewtwo :blush:

Thats why I was all over it when I saw it. It’s pretty neat to see alternative artwork on something like that and the master ball was very suiting.

those stickers look really nice i should get a set myself.didnt even know they made them as stickers

I could not find them on his site could you send me a link

He doesnt have those left, but he does have others. I just typed sticker as a keyword and they all showed up.

He has the original illustrations of the pokemon with the first japanese names which i was thinking about getting.

I’ve trying to research these things and nothing comes up. I can understand that maybe they were given out as part of a promotional pack for attending a tournament, but why would some have three different logos? I can’t see Media Factory just printing them for no reason :stuck_out_tongue: