Stupid Questions

So I get this question on a Zapdos/Gold Coin listing…

Them- What is the lowest you will go for a psa 10 charizard?

Me- Hi. There’s dozens of different kinds of charizards?

Them- Base set?

Me- Again, there’s several of those too. Can you be more specific?

Them- Nevermind.


I am going to guess they are one of those people that would ask for your price on something that you could sell in a few hours for 500. For some reason you say you’ll sell it to them for 250, and they wouldn’t be able to accept because they don’t physically have the means to either acquire that sort of money or just have no idea in general.

There is nothing wrong with asking what things are worth, but when they frame it in a way that implies intent to buy it’s incredibly frustrating.


Holo charizard from base set!!

It’s always strange to me to see people who don’t know what they’re looking for/talking about wanting to spend huge bucks on the big name cards. Are they all hoping to make money down the road?

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That was a close encounter with the TURD kind my friend!


*phone rings*
Person: “Is this a Charizard?”
NZG: “No, this is Gary.” *Hangs up*



I always like the “what’s the lowest you will go” hey I’d probably give away my psa 10 charizard in certain circumstances. Not like you qualify for my lowest price though.


When you start off a negotiation by asking how low I will go rather than making an offer or presenting any information I’m instantly annoyed. Do they expect you to negotiate with yourself? Especially when it’s a buy it now listing.
Here’s one I got yesterday: “What’s the best price you can do?”
The best price? Well the best price would be a lot higher so I actually upped the price :laughing:


When I’m selling items that I’m not really tied to or are indifferent with on price, I’ll comment, “Whatever is fair.” If it’s worth my time and fair, let’s do it.

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Right. But 75% of the time you will get the, “eh I think the current market is overpriced and its not that rare of a card, its not worth more than X amount, that is fair.”

I HATE people asking me what the lowest I will go is. Send me an offer and I will decide if we are in the same ballpark or try to use some common sense. The lowest I am willing to go is probably somewhere in the realm the price the card is listed, +/- 10-20% depending on the situation. Sending an offer IS TECHNICALLY asking the same question without the useless back and fourth.


My lowest price is my listing price :wink:
On best offers, that’s something different. But offering me half of my listing price; GFY.

i think they just want to use you as a future conversation piece… like “yeah, i was checking out the prices on a charizard card and those suckers go for (blah blah blah)…”, could be cuz they are bored, to feel important, or they want any type of attention from someone who will instantly give it to them due to circumstance (selling a card of relative significant value you will give any potential customer adequate attention). It’s a deeply psychological matter, the whole type of situation being explained here.

You say that but I’ve bought plenty of things at half listing price before. Lowballing is annoying obviously, but valid to get a feel for someone without the pointless conversations. it works out more often than you think

you - “Make offer”
them - “I’ll give $50 for PSA GEM MINT 10 THICK 1st Edition Base Shadowless POLIWRATH HOLO 13/102 POKEMON”
you - roflao

Some of my listings were created years ago and may have gone down in price. In that case I don’t mind getting an offer. It better be market value though cause I have to research it and don’t have time to waste. If you make a lowball offer initially, then I add you to my blocked bidder list cause you’re taking time away from serious collectors.



I remember going into my card shop like 7 years ago and offered to sell my base set cards and was told they didn’t want them, I’m sure as hell glad they didn’t at the time lol


Their loss.

The card shops in my area don’t seem to really deal in pokemon. I don’t know if they’re just ignorant of the market or just too busy with Mtg to bother.

I asked a seller on ebay yesterday if he could possibly lower the shipping on the item to go to Australia. The item was $60AUD and the shipping was $40AUD. He replied along the line of Nuh Sorry. Even though I want the item Im not willing to pay that much for shipping.