Strange Eevee card!!

_20160101_202749.pdf (352.8 KB)So I was looking through my card collection when I came across two Eevee 51/64 cards. They both looked identical until I looked at the bottom of the card where it says:
*"Its genetic code is irregular. It may mutate if it is exposed to radiation from elemental stones. LV. 12 #133 "*One of the cards has a red stone behind the word ‘element’.

I’ve been looking to see if other cards are like this but I can’t.

Does anyone know if this is a printing error or not? It’s quiet strange.



Let me just take one

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Here are some pics


Sorry. Try this.
20160101_202749.pdf (352.8 KB)

That is unique, looks like a red 8.

I have literally looked for hours trying to find one the same.

It just appears to be an ink blot misprint.


Oh. Well.

It’s hard to tell, but are you sure this wasn’t written on the card? Otherwise I would have no clue!

I’m sure it wasn’t, it looks printed.

It is difficult to see the exact mark due to the photo quality. Either way, this looks like an ink blot that wouldn’t add any value to the card.


Anyone ever see a 1st.ed Eevve d edition before?