2 pokemon error card questions? one error that pos

when going through one of my new lots of cards not from ebay i found 2 cards that were kind of interesting to me
1 eevee jungle set card 51/64 that had a border error the one border is about double sized of what is normal and i was wondering what something like that would be worth? the other side of the border is normal so the card is oversized

but the real “gem” here is an oddish i found the border itself on 80% of the card is MISCOLORED it is pink! it is pink that fades into yellow the card itself is borderline mint and the inside colors of the card are spot on without any indication of fading

the color itself on the border goes from a milky pink to the regular yellow in the bottom corner i was wondering if this has ever been seen?

heres 1


I’ve found that you get the same pink effect if left out in the sun for a while.