Jungle Jolteon Error

A while ago, I recall seeing a youtube video or something where a non-holo jolteon from jungle was showcased. Apparently it had an error where the border was a different color than it was supposed to be. Does anyone know about the details of this error and the value of the card? Thanks!

albino card error? dont know much about them but ive heard that term

albino card error? dont know much about them but ive heard that term

can you post a picture



This is exactly what I was looking for. Interesting card, I wonder how many were made like that.

YW :blush:

Shouldn’t the PSA description of the card include a comment on the different border? It seems strange there is literally no comment like it is a standard card

PSA does this all the time. ©1999-2000 Base cards aren’t differentiated, the Event Organizer stamped cards aren’t differentiated, etc. Pretty annoying imho, because now I have a POP-180+ Event Organizer stamp 175/XY-P Pikachu, instead of a POP1. :sob:

As for the Albino-border Jolteon, I’ll quote my thoughts from my Base Pikachu artwork card variations article:

Here is a recent small discussion about these Albino bordered misprints: www.elitefourum.com/t/show-off-your-error-cards/15937/107

It could be that there are both ‘real’ Albino-border misprints, like the Jungle Pikachu in the link above that is owned by @kkthxbai, as well as this Jungle Jolteon.

But I think the majority of the Albino-border misprints you’ll come across are most likely the sun’s doing, like the Pikachus I own, or the cards @scratchdesk shows a few posts down in that same linked thread.


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