Strange Card Binder (w/cards)

I’ve never seen this binder before and I’d love some information on it, please :blush:

I have one of those. :blush: It is just a standard binder that was sold in japan back in early days of the TCG. It is made of thick cardboard and has metal rings. It appears to be sealed which is amazing considering you rarely ever see the binder pop up…then again I have not actively looked for one.

…and 30-50k yen is ridiculous. I paid nowhere near that for mine…unless there is something I don’t know!

lol I was looking at the same binder too wondering if any rare cards could be inside, glad to hear it’s just an overpriced empty binder.

I saw it when it was listed, I’m always on the lookout for cool binders. I would never pay close to that though.

Thanks everyone! I’m glad it’s just a binder and doesn’t have cards in it ;_; :heart_eyes: Cheers!

Yep, bidding war would’ve been harsh on our wallet, lol.

On a brighter note, there’s a mini-binder with the 1997 Japanese Official Card File Electabuzz promo for $10 shipped on eBay: