Pocket Monsters Card File

For a long time I’ve wanted this Japanese Pokemon card binder, it’s called “Pocket Monsters Card File” I believe. A quick google search found this picture of it for reference:

www.flickr.com/photos/69702979@N07/6556772597/ (you might have to paste the whole thing in your address bar, it appears to not like being a hyperlink :stuck_out_tongue:)

I couldn’t however find one anywhere for sale. Does anyone know where I can find a new copy of one of these for sale by any chance? If so I’d love to get my hands on one.

Many thanks in advance!

@cbd1235 – I discovered two auctions on Yahoo! Japan – both feature sealed card file binders with Electabuzz [Card File Promo].

Auction #1 @ 500 円, 750 円 BIN (This auction has two sealed binders for sale).

Auction #2 @ 1200 円 BIN

I have also wanted to obtain this card file for quite some time. If you decide to purchase the auction with two card files, I would be happy to buy one from you.

It’s a deal then. Thank you so much Unique!

I KNEW I had seen this file somewhere!


If you’re a member you can buy it much cheaper ^^

I have two of them. They suck at holding cards as a quarter inch sticks out …my guess is to pull the card out more easily. Great for players, not for card storage. Other than that they care pretty nifty.

Thanks skinst!

Mkpokecc - you mean the cards stick out slightly when they’re inside it? If so that really sucks! I was hoping it would be a neat card storage binder I could use for rare cards

Yes they do…actually a bit more than slightly for me. They also load horizontal instead of vertical like a normal binder. Each page holds 2 cards (4 front and back).

Yikes well it looks as though I’m no longer purchasing one! Sorry Unique, and thanks Mike!!

I could have sworn I saw a similar binder (same colour and logo) on eBay years ago but it was full sized and had binder pages. If anyone could help with that, that would be great!

I remember seeing that! They do make them but I can’t recall what it is called. Its in the official 2000 Pokemon card binder.