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Hi everyone, my name is Stipe. I’m 23 and I’m from Croatia. I used to collect Pokemon cards when I was younger but most of them got thrown away and most that actually survived all these years turned out to be fake. Around a year ago, I got back into Pokemon cards when Evolutions came out. I opened a couple of packs and I was hooked. I found about this forum a couple of months ago thanks to smpratte’s videos and recently started searching through it a lot so I figured I should introduce myself :blush:

I recently got a job and have a bit more money so I started spending a bit more and buying old wotc era cards. I’m trying to complete binders of old wotc sets all the way up to the Neo sets. It’s going slowly but I really enjoy it.

My current “long term” goal is also to collect a psa 9 unlimited base set holo set but I haven’t started with it yet, Shining legends are slowing me down a bit :grin:

I recently bought my first psa graded card, a Masaki Promo Machamp. I paid around 60$ for it. I would also like to show my other two favorite cards I own at this moment. Charizard is an Italian version, it’s in great shape but unfortunately has a stain.

I have some more beautiful cards but I will not show everything in my first post :stuck_out_tongue:


Dobra Vecer and welcome!

It is nice to see more and more Europeans in here!

You have some great cards and we will be waiting for more :blush:

Enjoy the forum :wink:

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The Masaki promos are great! Nice choice.

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Those Masaki Promos have some really nice artwork! Im glad that you got the opportunity to pick one of them up!

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Soon all your money will be gone and you will have a few dozen of those PSA Slabs lying around in your room :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks everyone :blush:

I really like the Masaki promos because of the story behind them, I will definitely complete the set one day.

My money is already gone :grin: I’m saving up a bit so I can send some cards to get graded, I hope I will get a good Christmas bonus next month :grin:

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Welcome to the game :blush:
I’m really fond of your Venusaur in the pic!

I’m from Denmark, and one of my goals are also complete base set unl. PSA 9. Ask me if you need a hand

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Dobro došao i sve naj bolje sa kartama! Odakle si? Bio sam u Hrvatskoj prošle godine na godišnjicu, bilo je vrlo dobro. Ja zivim u Australiji ali sam roden u banjoj luci. Došao sam ovdje kao izbegljica kad je rat poćeo, bio sam mala beba.

Hey welcome to the forums! keep it up and i hope to see more from you in the near future :>

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Hvala,također :blush: inače sam iz jednog malog mjesta u Istri blizu Poreča, ali sam studirao i sada živim i radim u Zagrebu.

I’ve always had a soft spot for the Masaki promos. Completing that set has always been on my to do list but I’ve never gotten around to it. Welcome to the forum!

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Some more cards I recently added to my collection :blush: :

Some more Italian base set holos and my second psa graded card, also the start of my base set holo psa 9 set :grin:

Silver Winner Medal Pikachu “trophy” card and some Jungle no symbol holos :blush:


Nice cards, the jungle no symbol cards are really neat. Keep up the good work!

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Time to update this thread :blush:
I’ve made some progress in my psa 9 base set holo set:
I have Gary to thank for most of these :blush:

I also bought this beautiful Shining Kabutops:


Cool cards! Me and my husband share our collection, and *his* cards include the Jungle no symbol holos, too.

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I will probably collect a psa 9 set after I’m done with the base unlimited holos :blush: