Stamp difference on 1 edition shadowless packs

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I have seen 2 different types of 1 edition base set shadowless packs. Blue 1 edition stamp on the booster pack and black 1 edition stamp on the booster pack. This difference is also on booster packs directly from different booster box, so its not faded by sunlight. Is there just wotc doing changes during this first print run or do someone have any info on this matter?
This question was earlyer postet on reddit and the forum moderators deleted it directly. Before someone had a chance to give any info.
Very strange. I see forward to learn more from the great people on e4!

Thanks for a great forum, with alot of interesting topics. This is my first post/question on this forum.
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I’ve seen both and would say I see blue more, but that could be completely anecdotal. I always tossed it up to wotc just being wotc and getting product out the door anyway possible.


Do you have any pictures? I didn’t knew the 1st edition stamps on booster packs came in different colors. Then again, booster packs are far from my expertise.

I’m sure @thecharizardauthorty probably knows about these two versions, and has both and perhaps even more than just two versions. :blush:


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I sold both in a lot of 2 a while back, but it didnt bring anything extra to the price. I have not seen outside of the light blue - black color range though.