Signed blanks collection

I printed out some fun blank cards for the Charlotte Regionals back in March. I realized I never got around to posting them. If I didn’t tag you it’s because I had trouble finding your forum name :sweat_smile:

If you received a signed card from me feel free to post it here too! :slight_smile:

  • @amwolf has an incredible Arceus
  • @boogus with the high effort Challenge! homage
  • @chrispy graced me with not one, but TWO Gengars (one more belligerent than the other)
  • @lookaclara also drew me two pokemon! Check out that Shaymin :star_struck:
  • @cpbog1 …is that a cat or a furret?
  • @dack ok that is definitely a furret

  • @godcomplex wait did you not even draw me a pokemon are these energies
  • @hyrulehistorian a very haunted Espurr
  • @iroh told me this was a Charizard but I have my doubts
  • @kranz probably watched It right before coming
  • @lapraslaughing with an incredible Cubone
  • @mykel managed to draw me a Slowking while also placing top 8 at the TCG masters division at the event!
  • @plastic with the first of many digletts
  • @rayquazabrazil ironically drew me a Deoxys
  • @SeasidePokemon with a flying (not surfing) pikachu!

  • @thundermoo is this even a pokemon bro?
  • @tom.collects the world’s smallest diglett
  • @Troy woop woop
  • @trulse Yu Nagaba Jolteon? (He drew a lot, you’ll see more in subsequent pages)
  • @Will a very sharp metapod
  • @zards_r_us why does everyone with a pokemon in their username never draw their namesake?

  • @lapraslaughing drew many more pokemon! They’re all very good :slight_smile:
  • @swolepoke asked me what i wanted drawn and I told him to draw a fat zapdos. He delivered :pray:
  • @odnihs drew a whole cityscape! And an electrode.
  • @alecpokemon with the first Dugtrio! That counts as 3 digletts, right?

That’s it for Charlotte! I usually don’t travel out for events but if you do find me at one, the deal is I give you a signed card and you sign one for me as well :slight_smile: I hope I’ll get to get more signatures at Worlds in Japan :smiley:


I like drawing a single eye, so I drew one plus the fire emoji :eye::fire:
Funny enough, we can think of them as the psychic and fire energies instead :thinking:


You should have drawn reflecto, however i dont think another person should be able to handle that power


Have to reply with the best signed card I got in Charlotte


Tom’s diglett is :fire: