Shreddy's Classic Pokemon Card Collection Thread!

Hey all

I made a post in the introduction thread - but just wanted to start a collection thread here. I was a member of of the forum back in about 2012/13ish (but forgot my login details so here I am again!)

Ive recently got back into the hobby and been active on instagram (@pokemon_card_classic … not sure how to link it here)

I used to make regular videos on youtube, so have stared that again on my channel.

My latest video is about my legendary collection items.

I have 2 complete collections, 1 complete reverse holo set, both theme decks, 5 box toppers and an empty, open, booster box.

The video is below and doubles as a retrospective.

What is sickening is on my old forum account i posted in 2014 talking about the price shooting up from when i sold mine, and now its obviously worth soooo much more!

Back then i was collecting and flipping, not investing. I wish i kept both of my boxes sealed BUT, i also wish i put 10k into bitcoin 12 years ago haha! Hindsight ey?

My set is a baby collection to many of the elite investors on this forum, insta, youtube etc, but i love the hobby and am now looking at pokemon as more of an investment rather than purely “building my collection”

I look forward to getting more involved in the community (as i have only 2/3 irl friends who collect pokemon) and will be checking other peoples threads. If you have a youtube, insta or twitter please let me know and ill follow. Also if there are any “must follows” , again please let me know. I have discord downloaded, but have 0 idea how the heck to use it… so any help there also appreciated haha!

Smpratte, zandgemporium are probably my 2 favourites due to the “normality” of their videos and the insight, but appreciate the more animated guys like Leonhart are big in the community.

Anyway - my collection - video is below!\_card\_classic


Hey guys,

Recently picked up a base set unlimited box - and had a few people on insta ask me what boxes i have in my collection.

Here is my latest collection video for those following this thread :blush:

My goal is to get a 1st edition box of everything from Jungle-Gym Challenge. Then unlimited neo boxes.s

I refuse to pay 10k+ for 2 boxes I bought 9/10 years ago for under £120 each haha


you can invest in pokemon and bitcoin together lol

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Latest video is up.

Its a starter gift set i received on my 9th birthday - 21 years ago!

Kept the Machamp sealed allll this time haha.

All the deck cards are there so i wonder why iactually opened it as i had as separate starter deck.

Hope you guys enjoy!

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Looks like you and @swolepoke need to have a battle.

I like the intro to your videos. The “Who’s that Pokemon” screen animations are really well done. Do you do your own animating and editing?

Thanks. Yeah. im not a professional and alot of the time i just have to watch a tutorial for an effect, so i tend to keep things basic for the most part.

Glad you liked it.

Any subs would be appreciated by the way

You can subscribe clicking here >

Sounds like my kinda guy with that name!

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Latest video is up! 1999’s Tempest Gift Set!

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Taking a look back at my childhood theme decks!

All the good cards have been removed so there isnt a great deal of value left in these haha

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Instead of invest just get the vintage cards you really like, they will grow in value regardless