Show Off Your Error Cards Megathread!

When I pulled this from a pack I did not even consider it an error but today I compared it to regular Chrizard V cards and there is a lot of ink missing on mine :smiley:


It looks like someone stumbled upon a half-incomplete holo error. Pretty neat! I hope that they join e4 and tell us more about it.


The half-sparkle holo looks pretty cool—thanks for sharing the find!

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Snagged this one recently, bold and crisp crimp.


Admittedly I’m not a huge fan of alternate forms of old or fan favorite pokemon. Seems pretty lazy to me. This card has cool art though. Pretty standard oc error, I like how the V in the top border extends a lot. Sides are centered well and it’s pack fresh otherwise. Interested to see how it grades. I’m guessing 9oc


Google Photos

Google Photos

Krabby ink error on Aritas name its kinda cool anyone ever seen this?


Quick question to people who have 1st ed. Neo Genesis Typhlosion 17/111 with black dot error, have you ever seen a copy where colour is this much faded? Barely visible just like 1st ed. Base grey stamps.

All the copies I’ve seen so far have really strong black colour where “heart” is located. :slight_smile:

Not too sure what happened here. Is it just an oversturation?

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Not the most dramatic, but a misaligned print layer on an old back Marill!




Picked this up recently. Not a print error but a distribution error!

Anyone know of any other cards like this?


Off the top of my head, a semi-distribution error (or maybe it was intended earlier, but then axed?) is the 1st edition ivy Pikachu that can be found in some 1st edition Jungle packs.

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My Complete Filler Card Collection!! Happy Misprint Monday !!

I’ve officially hit 50 Filler* Cards and figured it was time to get some photos of them all together. Here is a breakdown of each style.

  • 27 Non Holo Fillers
  • 15 Holo Fillers
  • 3 Artist Signed Fillers
  • 5 *Non Fillers but similar in spirit so I include them.

While many may look the same at first glance, each one is different from the others, some differences as minor as a black line or rounded corner. The below imgur albums have scans/photos of each individual card roughly in oldest to newest order. If you look closely you’ll see a couple I haven’t shared before.

Non Holos:
Autos & Others:

As usual, I’m always looking to grow my collection with new and missing styles. Any help or leads to new to me Fillers is always appreciated. And willing to pay a finders fee for anyone that leads me to a new card in my collection.

What do you think of all these Fillers? Which is your Favorite? Any Questions? Thanks for checking out my collection!


I love these filler cards so much! So cool to see so many all together.

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What is the green one from?

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Which are the most difficult to find? And which are most/least expensive? I would be curious how you determine a “fair” price for a given filler card (e.g., depending on its condition, foiling, etc).

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They came from the V-Union boxes. Either behind or in place of 1 of the promos.

(Not my Photo)


Thats cool! I saw when the blue one popped up but missed the green. Any idea what the Deck D3 corresponds to? Or even what era/style?

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Both of these questions have complicated answers so sorry for the wall of text incoming.

The most difficult are the ones you don’t even know exist. There are at least 10 there that I have the only copy I’ve ever seen. Not saying others don’t exist, but when it’s the only copy you know of, more often it’s about getting that copy vs finding another.

The next step to that would be the very rare ones that it’s at least known to have multiple copies. For me personally, I try to keep the connections there for the copies I do know of in case they ever sell and do my best to keep it known I’m looking for them for when a new copy does show.

It always feels like when it rains, it pours. There was one style that I was hunting and hadn’t seen a sale in over 2 years. I posted again that I was looking for it, and 30 minutes later, in a completely different group, someone came out of nowhere with not only a copy of what I was asking for, but another Filler I had never seen before. Just that quick a new one exists.

As for value, I tend to bundle them into 3 tiers, the common styles, the rare styles, and the outliers. This isn’t a set in stone thing, just personally how I view them.

The “common” styles are just the ones you see most frequently ranging from $100 to a few hundred. Outside of some exceptions, this is basically any with 20 or more on the CGC pop report.

The “rare” styles are a step up from the commons. Something about them making them more limited. Small Detail or Change that is really only for the niche collectors. Most of these land in the 300-600 range in my experience price depending on a variety of factors.

The “outliers” can be an outlier for a few reasons. I’ll use the grayscale Pokeball for example, it’s probably closer to the “common” style in terms of rarity, but because it’s more than a blank white, it has more demand, even outside of strictly error collectors. Most of the holos follow this same logic. oooooo shiny has more demand than ooooo blank white. Then there are the ones that only 1 is known about. Which comes down to whatever someone will pay, and what the owner will sell for.

I base my offers and prices off of the best comparison I have for them, and any I want this premium I may need to add haha


That Moltres is still my favorite Arita Signature sketch I’ve seen. Such a fantastical and unique collection!


My Deck D3 came out of a SwSh Portuguese theme deck. I was told by another error collector they’ve seen 1 other with a similar label but I have not seen photos of that one and that’s the extent of the knowledge I have on it.

Best theory is since it came from a Portuguese print and haven’t seen others pop up, I assume it’s some kind of sheet label they used just on that sheet/print.