Should I grade my EX Shadowless Charizard?

New to the forum here. I’m debating grading my Shadowless Zard, but it would probably grade at a 5-6.
I like the idea of extra protection for the card, but I am unsure if value wise if it is better or worse to have it graded since it won’t be a high grade.
Thanks in advance!

So I’m getting mixed signals from your post. Are you wanting it graded to add value or to keep for your collection? If you are grading it to keep it then I think that’s a well worth investment. Defined condition, protection, and value are great for a card like that. If you are trying to add value to sell then I probably wouldn’t personally. The value difference for ungraded vs graded starts to show itself in the PSA 7 range. 5-6’s might sell for a little more but the grading and shipping fees are gonna dampen that. Hope this helps at all :blush:

Thanks for your response! Sorry that was a little unclear. I’m not interested in selling it anytime soon.

If you just want to protect it get a sleeve and put it in a card saver or toploader.

Ultimately do what you prefer! Almost every grade has an established value for Charizard. I doubt that is going to change moving forward. Therefore if you want the added protection, and want to view the card singularly out of a binder, grading it would make sense.

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I agree with Scott. The grade will give you a fixed value that can grow over time and makes snse if you want to view the card out of a binder by itself. While the toploader is a fine idea, there is still the off chance that it could bend if you are careless. For a collector it is fine, but to just keep it safe through the eons, I support grading since it’s charizard.

I have a thousand cards that have been in top loaders and the like for many years and never had a card damaged in one so they are safe.
Keep in mind that if you have it graded you could be without it for 4-6 months. Plus, it’ll cost you $40.00 to $50.00 when all is said and done. If those two points are of no concern then definitely get it graded:)

I appreciate everyone’s responses! There is a local card shop that sends them in bulk every few months($12 a card) so I may go ahead take advantage of that option.

In the current climate of instagram scams and “fake” “custom” cards grading for the sake of clarifying authenticity isn’t a bad idea.

Shadowless charizard is one of the rarest set cards printed and the long-term outlook for the value of this card is very strong.

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A Shadowless PSA 6 Charizard is still around a $300 card. For me, the price alone is worth a $15 dollar investment in getting it slabbed and protected. If you do ever decide to sell it, it will be much easier, as people won’t question it’s authenticity or condition.


I agree it would be just fine, but if his desire is to make the card presentable or look nice, then I think a case does it justice. A toploader is fine if you wish to store it away for long periods and just take out to appreciate once in a while.

I did forget that you need to pay a premium to grade a single card. I’m thinking in terms of grading at least 10 at a time to minimize overall cost per card. For 40 it might be best to simply keep it in a nice toploader…