Short seal booster packs

Hey guys just have a question about some short sealed booster packs. I purchased a few from different sellers on Ebay and when I recieved them the two boosters are different slight different hue on packaging color but the most noticeable difference is when I pinch the packs by their sides one isnt very tightly packed but very loose and the cards almost wiggle around. Also on the seal corners there are little holes which I feel allow air inside the packs causing them to look puffy which make me believe they could possibly have been opened or resealed? Or were some packs packaged like this? The long sealed packs are most tight with little to no wiggle room. Thanks for all feedback I appreciate it.

Old WOTC packs had small punctures to allow airflow to prevent popping while shipping through high temp/pressure.

Also, you’re overthinking this. The probability that somebody is opening and resealing $20 booster packs is pretty low.


Thanks for clearing that up. I was definitely overthinking it. Someone mentioned that people do reseal packs so it got in my head. But like you mentioned probably not worth doing it on $20 packs. Thanks again for the help.