Shining Magikarp 600 PT. Fan Club PSA 10


How much would be a fair price for this card?

I would greatly appreciate any response.


Its hard to put a price on a PSA 10 copy as it is hard to get one in that condition. I personally sold my PSA 10 copy to a Japanese collector for $750 iirc early last year.

The only other PSA 10 copy is with Jason.

Ahhh. It looks like a 3rd has graded out as a PSA 10, I am guessing someone has offered it to you. One is in Japan, one is with me, and there is another out there.

I have sold a PSA 9 copy for $550. I would agree that in the $700’s+ is fair for the card. There is really only one available so basically the seller has final say on what price he would take.

Hope that helps, Jason

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Thanks Ali and Jason. I didn’t know it could go for that much and very few are graded 10. I sent my card for grading a few weeks ago and it came back PSA10.

I guess I’ve been lucky with this submission which also got a complete 2010 Illusion’s Zorua-Zoroark set in PSA10.



Congratulations! You got a real beauty on your hands. Treat it nicely :blush:

Wow! You’ve got some really awesome grades coming back!

Well I just checked the pop report and it looks like there are four copies graded 10.
Anyway, sounds like you had an awesome submission justjinkee!!

One is a falsely graded neo3 triple star version. I have a scan of the mislabelled card for proof. So there are technically 3 :blush: