Shadowless 2-Player Starter Sets?

BACKSTORY: I purchased a collection from a gentleman today, full with 1st and shadowless base cards, along with some of the first WOTC Black star promos and jungle 1st ed, Typical backstory of him being in his early 30’s and this being his childhood collection. He had 3 2-player Starter Set Decks, He cracked one recently out of curiosity when he came across them due to the box being in poor condition along with the seal being poor/falling apart (His story). Well the deck/machamp is entirely shadowless. The seal is also throwing me off the remaining 2 sealed, It doesn’t match up with your typical 2 player decks. My question would is there a way to guarantee these remaining two sealed as shadowless. Does the seal and pictures provided have any signs. Any information is appreciated.

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Pictures Continued.

@bigcaa This should help


Seals are not typical but they are absolutely fine. They are a known variant for shadowless base set.


Appreciate the insight as always. :grin:

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