Sets with og Zard's artwork

Around how many sets are there with the base set’s Charizard artwork (holo and non-holo)?

Base 2
Legendary collection
Stormfront kinda


Just speaking of sets, @thymeee nailed it.
But for all English variations, there are:

  • Thin 1st edition Base Set Holofoil
  • Thick 1st edition Base Set Holofoil
  • Shadowless Base Set Holofoil
  • ©1999 unlimited edition Base Set Holofoil
  • ©1999-2000 unlimited edition Base Set Holofoil
  • Base Set 2 Holofoil
  • Legendary Collection Holofoil
  • Legendary Collection Reverse Foil
  • Legendary Collection non-Holo (Lava Theme Deck)
  • CoroCoro Jumbo non-Holo (Japanese April 2000 CoroCoro magazine release, but it is in English)
  • Evolutions Holofoil
  • Evolutions Reverse Holo
  • Evolutions Holofoil Prerelease stamp
  • Evolutions Holofoil Prerelease STAFF stamp
  • Celebrations Confetti Holofoil
  • Celebrations Metal Golden (Ultra Premium Collection Box)
  • Stormfront Secret Rare Holofoil

And there are some misprinted versions, like the grey stamp 1st edition Base Set or green flame Evolutions Holofoil. And I might have missed some tbh, since I made this list out of the top of my head rather quickly just yet.

One additional Japanese exclusive variant is the one from the 25th Anniversary Special Deck.