Sending bulk?

Anyone have experience shipping out bulk to a service for store credit/booster box? What’s the best way to ship out? Right now I’ve been stacking 500 in an ETB and alternating stacks of 100 (see photo). Is this sufficient or is another method recommended? Good recommendations on a service to use?

All I know is that whatever you put them in, when sending bulk, flat rate boxes are the way to go, but I am sure you will get more insight (also meaning you can put them in whatever you want as long as you have a flat rate box on the outside).

Bundles of 50 in team bags or saran wrap. Can fit 16 stacks of 450 cards in a usps large flat rate box if you place them right. Makes for about 7,200 cards in one box and it is rock solid. Just tape the heck out of the box so it doesn’t bust open in transit as it weighs about 30 pounds

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I send in bulk every now and again. I’m in the US, and have had good luck with The Awesome Couples Shop. I ship the bulk in a flat rate box, and I generally just put them in ziplocks in 200 counts.