Selodin's Alakazam Collection - 07/21 updated fossil stuff

Hey everyone, it’s about time I made a collection thread so I’ll be posting updates every once in a while. Here’s some BCBM I recieved in the last couple days. Huge shoutouts to @garyis2000 and @gemmintpokemon for the Korean and Lv. X, respectively.



Post them in the actual thread brooo
There’s an insert image option and you use the direct link from imgur to show your awesome alakazam cardlings.

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Decided to just make videos for collection updates, I got a lot of good stuff in the last couple weeks :blush:


collection level : no raritan! Thanks to @pokemonsyndicate , good luck with whatever you are buying my crazy friend


Muhshahaahhahahaha you crossed off the hardest one to get xD

TBH that title might go to legendary collection, if it ever grades a 10 :confused: .

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That no rarity alakazam is amazinggg.
Suprised these cards are surfacing I such good condition now, considering all the ones for sale over the years have been busted as!
Congrats on that card man, a literal treasure!

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It’s insane this doesn’t have 10 copy yet ( same thing with Charizard ).

Beautiful addition there!

Here’s some booster boxes I’ve acquired somewhat recently, also shout out to @hazard24 for the miscut!


I had been bidding on that MC myself, glad to see at least someone here got it

Wicked miscut mate! It always amazed me how many miscuts there are from WOTC era.

Been a while since I’ve updated this with anything! I have a 31 card PSA submission I’m waiting on, but in the meantime here’s some purchases I’ve gathered recently.

Heracross is one of my favorite neo genesis cards, and I got it for like $12 on auction. There’s a rainbow energy to go towards my PSA 9 rocket set, and a Masaki Omastar courtesy of @swolepoke for my Masaki set. I also got the masaki Alakazam from him, and a shoutout to @melcher for the Sabrina’s Japanese.

Group photo time!

Masaki zams chilling

And here’s the rest of the unpictured ones so far


Dark Alakazam is absotively posilutely the sickest psychic type Pokémon card ever made.

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if they used the idea behind sabrina’s alakazam but had the full pokemon in the picture it would be beast. Dark Alakazam is pretty legit though, but I’m not 100% on my favorite artwork.

Here’s some more stuffs! SUPER happy about the 1997 Carddass, was able to buy one instead of trying to grade it myself. Plus the old school sugimori art is da bess :blush:


Now there’s a post to make me want to go down the one-Pokemon route. Awesome variation!


Thanks! I won’t say I only collect Alakazam, but I will say more than half my PSA case is full of him lol.

Love it

What’s up all, my PSA submission came back and I got some pretty awesome additions to the collection. Here’s some of the highlights:

  1. Full art Alakazams english and japanese in psa 10. Easily one of the best XY artworks IMO

  1. Got my sabrina’s unlimited finally, card is clean AF. Also graded a gold star in a 10 thankfully, didn’t want to buy one of those off ebay. And of course english skyridge non holo and japanese expedition non holo rares.

  1. And finally, the topsun trio evolution line. Hopefully I can eventually land both green/blue back alakazams in a 10 but it’s pretty hard to find them in good condition and centered.