Selling sets over singles?


i have a quick question concerning selling sets and single cards. I have a few complete collections namely Japanese Neo Discovery, English Fossil and Japanese Gym Series 2 which i collected about 15 years ago. I’m positive that all cards are in at least PSA 8.5-9 as they went straight from pack to protective sleeve and then a dark cupboard so was wondering whether it is better to sell the set whole or certain cards individually? Also, as i will be sending these sets - in addition to a number of Japanese and English promos - to PSA, is it advisable to send the common cards as well or would buyers be willing to accept their condition as the rares would be PSA verified.

Lastly, i’ve read on a couple threads that the demand for PSA 9 graded cards might increase again due to PSA 10 being so expensive now. Sounds plausible to me, anyone agree?

Thanks for any advice, peace!

Set sales are easier and quicker but less money.

Dont grade commons for resale…

What about Japanese No-Rarity? Or would those not be considered commons?

He was asking about…

“Japanese Neo Discovery, English Fossil and Japanese Gym Series 2”

Those were all I was responding to.


Ah, I knew that, but wasn’t sure if you were making a general statement or not. I’m ignorant when it comes to PSA grading myself since I’m not highly involved in it. But thanks!

Yeah I agree don’t grade your commons
and it’s a matter of how quickly you need to sell your collection
if you need it sooner rather than later
then yes collection is your preferance here but if you are willing to be patient and find the right buyer
sell the rare /good ones individually
and then maybe your commons/uncommons as a separate lot

Thanks a lot for the info, think i’m in it for the long hall then…

On ebay Uk the gym 2 full set allways does well at about £70($110)so it works out about the same as selling the set in singles.All the other sets you are better selling them as singles.If you are going to get them psa graded only get the main cards like blaines charizard,rockets mewtwo,fossil mew etc graded as average holos will not get much even if they get a psa 10.