Selling a collection on eBay [Question]

I’m sort of planning on selling a WOTC collection on eBay that I bought a last year - varying from Base, Shadowless, Base 2, 1st Jungle, 1st Fossil, 1st Rocket however, I’m hearing that there’s pros and cons to selling in bulk as opposed to individual sales; but I’m curious if anyone can give me some advice on that matter? :slight_smile:

Because some of the cards have silvering, some scratches, some whitening around the edges, I was told not to list them as NM.

Any other suggestions and tips would be appreciated :slight_smile:

I’d separate them by condition then sell in multiple lots.


Many thanks :slight_smile:

I’m curious how does one get a rough idea of a grade of a card without sending them to PSA?

Use this page as a guide:

When selling, refer to this page being used as a guide so the buyer knows what to expect.


Many thanks! I shall try that out too ~

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