Seeking information on sealed ex era cards

Hoping someone can help with information on this,
I have proof that all but
Ex sandstorm armaldo
Ex dragon gyradoes
Ex Aqua vs Magma cacnea

exist in a sealed form
ive been told its unlikely that the first two exist, but I havent found any information on Magma vs aqua at all

If anyone has any information on this card and if it came it a sealed form, please post it :slight_smile:

I guess you are talking about the prereleases? I have no idea, but I thought that would clear up some confusion.


Someone (relatively recently) graded a ton of mint prerelease Gyarados at once. Circumstantial, but it leads me to think that it probably came in sealed packs.

That or they just had a ton of mint copies lying around (which is possible, of course, but seems unlikely to me).