Searching for Help to Complete Unlimited Base Holo Bleed Set

Hello Everyone,

I am a first time poster but long time collector who is looking for help to complete my Unlimited Holo Bleed Base Set Collection.

I am currently in search of the following:
1. Unlimited base set Holo Bleed Ninetales - Condition Searching for (Graded Anywhere from 5+)
Will pay $20-$35 Depending on Condition

2. Unlimited base set Holo Bleed **Chansey** - Condition Searching for(Graded Anywhere from 5+)  
        Will pay $20-$35 Depending on Condition  

3. Unlimited base set Holo Bleed **Mewtwo** - Condition Searching for (Graded Anywhere from 5+)  
        Will pay $20-$35 Depending on Condition  

I have photos of my cards I can post to help provide context if need be.

Edit - My apologies for not adding the price I would be willing to pay

Thank you in advance to anyone who responds!

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Could you post one of your cards as reference?

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Thank you for responding! Here are a few of my set that will provide reference. Hopefully this helps!




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I once bought this Base Set Chansey with holo bleed from eBay:

I don’t mind selling it to you, but I tbh am unable to see the holo bleed in person nor recreate the picture above… I made a thread about it in the past (where you can also see pictures I took myself with my crappy camera without catching the holo bleed…).

Can holo bleed fade to the cold (since it was shipped in the winter)? Or is there some kind of light conditions you use to see your holo bleed cards, but you don’t see it without those light conditions?
I know holo bleed cards from XY Evolution holos or Secret Wonders are very easily seen both on camera and in person in almost every light condition. Here an example:

But on the Chansey I bought I’m unable to see it unfortunately (and yes, based on the scratches and shadows of the holo bleed stars I very faintly see, I’m 99% sure it’s the same card as in the auction picture). :slightly_frowning_face:


Quuador that Chansey is exactly what I am looking for!! I would be grateful if we could work something out.

From experience the base set Holo Bleeds are incredibly difficult to see! In fact, I felt the same as you after I purchased for first card! I saw the photo online and had a sinking feeling when I got home of “What a let-down”. However, after spending more time with the cards and figuring out how to more easily see them the set feels like a “hidden treasure” lol. You need to work to see it but when you do the cards look gorgeous.

Furthermore, in your original post you mention how you tried so hard to recreate the image and I believe that King Pokemon had posed the theory that the stars in the text need to be aligned with certain stars in the holo foil to be seen. This in my estimation exactly what needs to happen. The easiest way i’ve come across is to get them on video. Dim the lights behind the card and take your phone camera (i.e.,with flash) on and move the flash across the top of the card as if inspecting it for chips or scratches. The stars will show!