Sample cards, are there sets with the sample stamp?

So I know of the charizard:


but are there more?


This is probably a sample picture, but made me think of this question. How many different sample cards are around?

The first picture you posted isn’t a sample card. It’s a For Position Only card. If you search “For Position Only” on eBay, you’ll see pics of them. Or, The Charizard Authority has a YouTube video about them.

Sample cards do exist, but are altogether different. I’ve attached a photo of the complete set.


How do you recognize these as sample cards?

It says sample on the bottom right corner…



Nice, didn’t see that. They look great.

And just some hours ago a set popped up in the Netherlands aj haha :wink:

(I’m not the seller)

I know, 1700 euro for 9 of them. But not the pikachu.


Well worth that price.

Only if it’s a graded set

That’s false.
It’s well worth that either way.

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I seen 2 complete set in NM-Mint ungraded sold for half that amount

Fantastic deals for those people. I see cards undersold every single day.

More than 250$ a card is well worth it for this set? :tada:

(edit) for some reason I can’t post a link to ebay’s completed listings, but there are a number of PSA graded sample cards which sold for around 50$

Sample cards aren’t all obtained the same way. You literally just will not find a Pikachu or Gastly for sale outside of a completed set.

The Machamps are piss easy to find. Those auction at 50 bucks deservedly.


This is definitely true. The Gastly for some reason is very difficult to find. I wanted to purchase one to replace the only 9 in my psa 10 set, and the seller gave me multiples of other species instead of the gastly. Which I appreciated, but wanted that Gastly.

The pikachu is even more of a nightmare than the Gastly. Since there are a ton of pikachu collectors out there, it always earns the most in the set.

One of which is me, I only want the pikachu :wink:

I used to own the complete PSA 10 set… it was depressing that I had to let it go