Same PSA card sold from different sellers on eBay

Six different sellers have the same exact PSA card listed for sale on eBay. Is this allowed? I can’t find a straight answer online and I’ve never seen this before. I figure maybe someone consigned the card to six separate sellers to gain exposure.

It was either consigned as you said or they just used the same photo for different cards. I personally only upload photos of one card even if I list multiple copies of it.

It is allowed indeed. Worst case scenario buyer opens an item not as described case if he is unhappy with the cert being different, but as long as the card and grade correspond to the description, most buyers don’t really care about cert number.

Japan dropshippers/fraudulent listings.

The card will be listed somewhere else (likely somewhere inaccessible to a non-Japan audience like Y!J, Mercari, etc) for much less. If you buy the card, they will then purchase it from the Japanese site, wait for it to ship to them, and then ship to you. This is why many of these listings have an extended handling time.


Are the sellers from Japan? If so that is unfortunately a common practice where they are selling the card they don’t even own, and if you as a buyer purchases, then they quickly buy it from the seller in Japan, receive it, then forward it off to you.

An easy indicator of this practice, as if all the items that seller is selling have different backgrounds and picture styles.

They are basically making free money without having any actual inventory.

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@fourthstartcg, @kpod, awesome stuff, I had no idea about this.

Surprised people are able to find graded cards at competitive prices in Japan, all I’ve come across were quite overpriced, maybe because this practice keeps them scarce over there. :grin:

Yeah these sellers are from Japan. Very interesting…I had no clue this was a thing. Thank you all!

Yeah your best bet is to actually get on these Japanese sites yourself, and buy that way. There are plenty of raw cards in good condition, and you can make a killing in grading and reselling if you know what you’re looking for.

Well seller couldn’t reply back after I offer to pay for DHL shipping…
I know it got returned back to him (requested) after 2 months stuck at Japan post.
Anyone knows what to do?

Search for Goomy Art Academy ok ebay and you will see a great excample of what fourstartcg is talking about

I love how many of them describe their instant-flipping business, like “KawaiiHappyJapan6969: Hello, I want to bring happyness from Japan to ALL of the world, I send fun with joy. :blush:”… Right. Flipping someone else’s Mega Tokyo Pikachu for 300$.

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In terms of this specific card, do not be mislead by the low number currently graded by PSA. The winner has started selling them on YJA once per month and they often sell for between 30,000 JPY ($280) and 120,000 JPY mark ($1,100).

The ones on eBay - even raw - are all above $3,500.
Here is the 30,000 JPY sale from February: is (to my knowledge) the winning artist of the card and has so far sold at least 6 of them.

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Oh damn! I did not know! I have been in contact with the guy that has the 10 on ebay but he would never sell for less then 3500$ and he also brought up the low grading number. I did not buy it because I don’t like the artwork that much!

Thank you so much for the info, im gonna have to learn how to use yahoo japan then since im still missing this card for my collection! :blush: