"Sales" Forum

Oh okay well I can understand why that was removed. Now that you mention it I do remember from another site what the proboards karma system is like. I don’t care for it too much

It is not as good as the “thanks” button on the gym. I did a quick search and I think people have suggested a like button on proboards but it is not available yet.

So… can exceptions be made to the post count rule or is it set in stone? I consider myself part of the collecting community, I check this forum a lot, and I bought cards from sales threads a few times successfully, but I don’t really post much and don’t want to spam my way up to 100. :slightly_frowning_face:

No exceptions as far as I know. :slightly_frowning_face:
I know how you feel, haha!

No exceptions, sorry! First, there is no site that provides a free marketplace, especially one with instant access to the most serious collectors in pokemon.

The new rule allows admins to get a good understanding of each member while also giving a reward to members who regularly participate in the community.

You guys have a pokédex inside your heads? :wink:

I had the poster of all 150 Pokemon listed in order back in the day and at night I would just sit there and stare at it instead of going to bed, thus the Kanto dex numbers are burned into my head. So I totally understand people referring to Pokemon instead of numbers, and to remember stuff like my school ID or SSN, I actually memorized groups of Kanto Pokemon instead of the numbers themselves, LOL.

I had that poster on the inside of my closet door. I know what general area a Pokemon resides in within the first 150 but I don’t know all that many exact numbers. Cool though, interesting way to memorize!

It’s funny because I could probably do 1-151 forward and backwards but I’m completely lost on the numbers for any of the other four Generations (except maybe a bit of Johto).

Only 81 more posts to go >.>

Edit: I made it! Wooo

I’m glad I made the cut!
I think Voltorb is a nice number…
I’ve had to work my way up in this community, as I did with other communities.
In fact these rules are a lot easier than other sites (1 year + 20 positive feedback on the gym for example)

We’ll get there eventually.
Personally, I’m not in a rush to sell, even though I’m selling all the cards I have.

I agree with you and brought up the same point and had a little discussion with Scott.
But like Scott (smpratte) said, they prefer to have it this way, because there’s a lot of collectors and they want you to earn the right to sell. :wink:
I don’t fully agree with them but then again, I don’t run this forum. :stuck_out_tongue:
Just spend some time on this site a few minutes a day, post in a topic and you’ll have the required post rate in a few weeks/months.
Then you can start selling your goods, it’s not like the real collectors are gone by then anyways!

I have already said it multiple times, “no site provides a free marketplace”. People cannot just join and expect to sell to the best collectors in the hobby.

Also I chose voltorb as the number since it allows everyone to get a feel for the member as well as be high enough that they cannot spam post up to that point. Most importantly, it demonstrates that the member is actually committed to pokemon/collecting and values the community.

I understand that they put the system in for a reason, but now I feel left out, and whoever wants to buy stuff is essentially left out of what I have to sell. I feel like we should be able to provide an alternate source of reputation to gain selling permissions (for me, it would be ebay).

EDIT: Woops, smpratte posted while I was typing :stuck_out_tongue: I understand and agree with all he just said

Well, maybe we should cut the admins some slack, haha!
In time, we will get those posts so unless you’re in a hurry to sell, it shouldn’t be that painful. :wink:

You can always post in the buying section if you want to buy. The rule is hardly that strict. Majority of websites (pokegym) are much more strict on selling. Regardless of how great your ebay credentials may be this site is not primarily for selling. Members should join out of the similar interest of wanting more information/knowledge. Anyone who joins to strictly make money on this site is in the wrong place and will be removed.

Make sure you are here to participate/read what the community has to offer. Also daelum, your avatar reading “money maker” is not helping your cause.

Would be nice if buyers with 100- posts could view the sales forum.
The only thing you can do now is make a huge list with EVERYTHING you’d be willing to buy. :stuck_out_tongue:
Oh well, 100 posts is not that bad compared to other requisites.

*Changes with the quickness*

I completely agree with the notion that the site isn’t just for selling, but for the TCG as a whole. I edited my last post because I was typing as you posted.

I’m sorry newbies, (though I am not one to talk, since I’m a novice compared to the collectors here)
but I agree with what Scott has to say.

100 posts - meh so what? If you take part in some discussions it is really easy.
Sales Post - honestly? Why are you all complaining?
You all say, we want to buy, we want to buy, BUT I see no wants thread from ANY of you (laatst/pkm12) in the Buyers House?

I think all your whining might just tick the mods off to make it a harder to reach number like 200 posts for example. Just be patient, the 100 posts is EASY compared to other sites, as stated above.