"Sales" Forum

On a lot of threads in the Buying/Trading forum, it says the were moved to a separate sale forum. However, it won’t let me go there. Is it admins only as of now, or is there a minimum post amount to view it, or what?

If you click on the post which was moved it was be locked as such as there won’t be anything there. Go to the Sales section in the homepage and you will be all the threads in there. :blush:

That’s the thing. I don’t have a Sales forum anywhere in my main forum page.

Oh right :confused: then I can’t help you there I’m afraid.
All I can say its in a new area headed ‘Selling Center’. It’s located underneath the ‘Insider Bureau’ and above the ‘Side Collections’.
If it’s not there then… Yells for Admin help!

Nope, don’t have it.

Tolan, I just sent you a pm!

For any new members or members you also cannot see the section it is because you are required to have a certain number of posts. The number of posts needed is voltorb. :blush:

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Responded! Thanks for the help, guys.

Voltorb? Sorry but I don’t quite follow.

voltorbs number (#100)…100 posts are needed! :blush:

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I thought it went pokeball → charmander → charmelion → charizard → etc

That is correct…Scott was referencing the number of posts needed (100) which also is voltorbs Pokedex number :blush:

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Oh. Herpderp. I gotcha.

hahaha Good Guy Mike explained it for everyone! But yes that is the new standard. Basically rewarding the people who take part in the community!

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I think it’s a great idea. Kudos to the admins.

Thanks Mike for explaining Mike!

So you can’t even buy if you have less than 100 posts haha.
That could be bad for sellers, would make more sense if you can only post with 100+ posts.

It is the best possible solution. ProBoards does not allow people to post on threads without having a certain amount of posts. More importantly the “temporary” members who never participate are not as reliable. I personally already experienced this when I was selling a 9th lucky stadium. There was a member who still rarely participates who put in the highest offer and then disappeared.

Also we had issues of spamming/scamming. Temp members sending pm’s and pestering uninterested members to buy their items.

Perhaps the most important point is that temp members were getting free access to a free marketplace which includes the best collectors in the hobby. No site allows members to join and sell immediately, especially one with this amount of serious collectors.

The new system is better than the old. It will provide an incentive to participate in the community and give sellers more protection/reliability.

I really wish UPCCC had a like feature for posts :stuck_out_tongue: or a thanks like Pokegym has! I see so many posts that are good and reach for the like button but it doesn’t exist haha!

We had something like that before but for some reason I forgot why it was removed.

There is a karma system. Where you can like or dislike their karma by each post. Members complained about it because some had negative karma.