Safest way to ship overseas?

I’m a selling a very expensive card to so someone that messaged me on eBay. I am a little nervous shipping overseas through USPS because once it hits the other country it’s up to their postal service to keep updates. I always ship USPS so I am not to familiar with other shippers and if they provide a safer method and better tracking. I basically don’t want to get burnt.

What country are you shipping to? Because The UK postal service 99% of the time do carry on the tracking number to there system.

New South Wales, Austrailia

you should ask someone from the land down under @justjinkee

@haze, make sure you ship it EMS or with full tracking. Australia Post will track it along the way and you can check the progress online. . It’s usually more expensive but worth it if sending expensive cards.

Justjinkee do you think FedEx or UPS is a better option for it though?

Service wise it would be a better option. It can be more expensive though depending on how you package your goods. Also consider its declared value for insurance purposes.

I’ve had problems with the Australia Post (via USPS). There was a time where I sent an expensive card via express and after an entire month my customer was finally told to go to a post office in a different city to pick it up. Needless to say, I made sure he got the entire refund on the “express” delivery.

You have to know the service you’re using. Something labelled express may not necessary mean faster shipping or that it is more secure. I’ve been sending packages both locally and overseas for many years. I have not lost a single package so far. Though in most cases, I use a Registered service when sending overseas as it requires the recipient to sign for the package.

TBH I’ve found the safest (and fastest other than the $50+ ones) method of shipment is plain and simple lettermail with no tracking. Obviously only works for small packages, since it’s lettermail. I’ve had the BEST track record with that method of shipment. Hope that helps!

The safest and fastest way is the most expensive way and not worth it at all… it is personal delivery

Funny you’d say that Elam. 3 times I actually travelled to deliver pokemon and one time I travelled to purchase an item;)

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