Do you guys ship over seas? Any tips?

Any areas you guys don’t have any trouble with, or avoid at all costs?

Are there any extra precautions to take to protect yourself? I’m considering selling to someone in Australia.

Well, for starters slap tracking on that sucker and make sure the package is well-packed. God knows what’s gonna happen to one wooden box going across the world in a plane/boat.

I think generally Europe, the US,Canada and Australia are pretty safe. If it’s anything of value I would agree with the above make sure it’s fully tracked and insured always.


I’ve shipped to the netherlands and got cards back from the netherlands, no problem. I’ve shipped to Germany (fingers still crossed on that) and received stuff back from Germany without any problem. I hear that Shipping to Australia and Italy is awful and should be avoided at all costs. Same with the Congo and most of Africa/Middle East.

Never have and never will.

Paying a couple bucks extra for a signature is also recommended. My problem with shipping internationally is sometimes the tracking doesn’t update. I’ve had cases where the package reached its destination, but it doesn’t even show as shipped. It’s too easy for buyers to abuse this. Luckily for me, the 2 times it happened the buyers were honest about it. It sucks I’m paying like $25 shipping and there’s 0 tracking. lol

There are a few risky countries like Italy or Spain and other places where packages get stolen often… There’s always some risk involved tbh.

I’m not a huge seller or anything, but I have sold decent amount of stuff on ebay over the past couple of years, and literally 99% of the things I have sold have been shipped internationally. If I would think like some of you guys here I wouldn’t have any sales at all since ebay (and pokemon in general) isn’t so popular here where I live.

I only make tracking mandatory on items valued over 100$. Out of several hundreds of non tracked packages shipped to europe only ONE item not received case have been opened so far. Outside of europe the item not received (or “received but I want my money back anyway”)case rate have been like 1 per 80-100 items shipped. NONE of my international tracked shipments have been lost during transit so far.

So is it worht it to ship over seas? Hell fucking yes.

Anyone who is afraid to do it or somehow thinks that every buyer will scam you as soon as you ship without tracking (or when your tracking doesn’t update) or that high portion of items gets lost / stolen during transit is delusional and just losing out on sales big time. Yes, sometimes your item won’t get there and you will have to give the occasional refunds, but it isn’t as common as some of you seem to think and it will be totally worth it overall.

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