Sabrina's Gaze ERROR

i recently found out that some of the japanese trainer card sabrina’s gaze are error i was just wondering how to know if its an error (seeing that i cant read japanese) and how much is an error worth?

Yes it is considered an error. It has sabrina flipping the bird (putting up her middle finger). It was never printed in english because of this.

The card typically goes for $5-15 ungraded. I have sold many graded. Psa 9’s around $30 a piece and psa 10’s from $40-70 a piece.


oh so the card itself is an error? because i seen a member here on this forum eBay page selling a graded one but on the description is said error so i just thought that only certain ones were error and thus more valuable

@reina Sierpe

oh no thank you i just recently got one and thats why i decided to make this thread thank you though

It is just described as an error. It was just never printed in english.