Base Set Clefairy ERROR

My base set Clefairy has an error as pictured below, what is this card worth?

Personally, I would not think there would be a huge price difference between this “error” clefairy and a normal base set clefairy.

ahhh ok, just trying to get some opinions. Tried to find more about this card, however I could only find 1 other clefairy that has the same mark in the same position.

Honestly, errors are priced based on the interest of error card collectors.

My experience with error threads where the errors are not as pronounced (like the hitmonlee cigar error), most people wouldn’t pay a huge premium for minor error cards but it’s honestly based on the collector themselves.

If you do believe it is unique with your card only, you can always put a price of what you believe it is worth and sell it at that price :blush:

I think I’ve posted an image like this somewhere here before. With errors that are not established or iconic, you’ll probably see a trend similar to this plot. Unfortunately that ink splot is not really prominent to warrant much interest and most people will just view it as damage (Unwanted Valley).

There might be someone who will pay a bit more than a regular copy of this card, but you may struggle to find them.