RIP Alan Rickman

Death is having a ball right now.

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Hans Gruber
Elliot Marston
Pofessor Snape


Sad news indeed.

Ouch. Harry Potter fans are going to have a difficult time with this one. Great actor. May he rest in peace. :slightly_frowning_face:

Did this hurt me I rewatched all the movies like a month ago Sad to see him go but I am sure he had a great life and at the end very happy.

Sadly Cancer won this battle.

Another person dead at the age of 69.

David Bowie died as well at the age of 69 of cancer.

This is why people need to stand together to help fund cancer research. Too many people have been taken early.

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I’ve been seeing on reddit that there have been dozens of “breakthroughs” with some of them coming from respected journals and others are being tested to verify results. It seems like progress is being made and there are more and more people surviving cancer where there was little hope before. So seeing these deaths may take the current research and progress out of perpective and make us think there is nothing being done.

I believe there should be more funding and emphasis put into. Cancer is a very very wide field and one solution in one area may not bleed over into others. If you compare it to Aid/HIV its completely different. Right now they have tested a pill that blocks the infection of HIV. Several gay men in San Francisco, who don’t like using protection, tested it out and there were no new cases of HIV. (my teacher is gay and he offered this as one our persuasive speech topics).

Don’t know him but these people dying in their 60s is scary to me:(

He was Hans Grubber in Die Hard.

Ahhh yes. So that was him. Terrific actor.

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I forgot