returning an item just a click away!!!

Ebay Australia has recently (i think) changed formatting so the first bold words in blue next to your purchases is
Return This ItemIsn’t it great that ebay is becoming even more like a retail store where you can just walk in return things no questions asked!

Has this happened to any other countries??
Doesn’t really affect me at the moment but surely this is getting seller’s goats…

Sorry they do ask a question of why and do all the hard work of coming up with the following excuses for you to choose from, my favourite are numbers 2 and 3

t’s the wrong size or doesn’t fit
I don’t need it anymore
I found a better price elsewhere
It’s defective or doesn’t work
It doesn’t match the listing
It’s missing parts or accessories
It arrived damaged
It’s counterfeit or fake

Are you serious? They approve of returning something due to buyers remorse? Here a bid is a contract but after delivery I guess they can do whatever they want to.

Whenever I go to leave feedback or right after purchasing something I always see in Bold Return this item
feels like they try to encourage you to do so lol

Wow, I really like the second excuse - “I don’t need it anymore”. The rest sounds resonable but… I know what you’re talking about. I’m curious if the buyer also got 180 days to find out that he doesn’t need a purchased item anymore.

Let the seller take the item back at 180 days;)

Awesome! At day 180, buyer files a claim to return an item because he found a better price elsewhere or doesn’t like the item anymore. :blush:

Yep. I guess it’s an application to return but I doubt you would have many problems (can’t speak from experience as i’ve never been through the process.

I think ebay will be fine.

Realistically, the world is not majority comprised of scumbags. While the 180 days is absurd, most people will buy an item and keep it. There might be a few people that would try and “game the system” but those few would ironically fall more in line with people who expect to pay no fees and have a free global marketplace.

There is no actual continuity on facebook or any other group of opportunists buying and selling. If anything, those places only exist because there are established marketplaces (ebay and/or other actual businesses).

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A lot of paypal accounts out of the NA don’t allow gift payments.

I have a registered Hong Kong paypal (which is linked with Singapore also), and a registered Australian Paypal, and ALL do not allow gift payments anymore.

I really miss those days…

Returns are just screwed up for us Aussies… we have to pay excessive gdp also… but I agree with @smpratte that “the world is not majority comprised of scumbags.”

With some of the games I sell, its like a rental service for some people in Australia, they just return when they are bored.

for me on Paypal In the Uk I get fees for sending it to anyone outside of the Uk
it’s not too much but still you know

Yeah, I literally get charged to send and transfer myself my own money… on paypal. Its crazy. I can’t class it as a gift or internal transfer between international accounts. I will get charged either way.

I should just stick to alipay, or yahoo pay within Asia. What is some of the payment methods for Japan?? @bagoly14

Returns are all part of the world of business. As Scott mentions, most customers are going to perfectly happy with their purchase.

In my industry, a return rate of 10 percent is deemed acceptable. I know that people buy our books, read them and then return them, but those few bad apples aren’t going to make me stop doing business with the other 90 percent.

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As a seller you just have to adjust your retail price to cover the added cost of returns. Yes, honest buyers have to pay the price increase but that’s life.

If your only a part time seller then demand paypal gift where available.

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