Request Signatures Here!

Hey guys!

I’m opening requests for custom signatures as I’d like to get more practice making them.

Please include some of this information when requesting:
Size: (in pixels)
Art included: Please provide links to pictures you’d like to see used.
Text/Font: What do you want your signature to say? Want a particular font?
Overall Color Scheme:
Extra: Saw something you really liked? Feel free to include a picture and I’ll do my best to include that style. :blush:

Please allow a week for requests to be completed. I usually can pop them out in a half hour, but it all depends on school and life. :wink:

Size: 450x150
Art included:
Text/Font: Unity. Duty. Destiny. Use whatever font looks the best.
Overall Color Scheme: Gold

Thanks for requesting! I’ll get to work on it. :blush:

Here you go!

If you would like anything changed, please let me know. :blush:

Nope, that is perfect. Thank you.

Size: 450x150 (Just like goldenhau)

Art included:

My Osakachu Plush :heart_eyes:
Rotoms - Go crazy, but not TOO crazy… Sprites of each and maybe some interesting photos from the cards or whatever… be creative :slight_smile:

Text/Font: Just Make It Say Something Like…
Larger “PokemonTrader”
Smaller “trusted pokemon community member since 2010”

similar to your Bluey - The duck tamer in your sig :blush:

Overall Color Scheme: I’d prefer things that POP. Osakachu is Yellow and Red, Whereas the Rotoms are all oranges… So just fgure something out? Maybe have the background blue… Whatever you think looks nice :blush:


Pokedoll Design for Rotom… Maybe put the tag on it?
I know there is a member on pkmncollectors that does Vectors of Pokedoll designs…

Just make it nice looking, Just I like Osaka Poke Center Promotion (Osakabu, Osakachu and the Meowth in the Gold bow Tie :blush: Like from the jumbo card…) and the Rotoms :blush:

Just something that would scream who I am.

I’m very appreciative of this :blush:
Thank you!

Ah, I used to do TONS of these a few years ago.
Too bad I don’t have time, otherwise I would be able to do these as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

You got it!! :blush: I have finals this week, so please give me until maybe this weekend or early next week. :blush:

No trouble!
Thanks so much :slight_smile:

Make the siggy a reasonable size if you think it is cluttered that small.,…

I expect the sprites of the rotoms on it somewhere too :wink:

Id love a celebi and oddish sig with my username in there too! If youve ever got the time :blush:

I dont know what size to specify so aslong as it fits these forums and maybe pokegym too ;p

Pokegym, doesn’t allow images in siggies…
Though it looks as if Bluey is busy…
I’ve been waiting almost a month!

No worries here though

Oh dang. I totally forgot about this thread. I’m so sorry! I should be able to work on them after the skin is done. :blush: