Regigigas Colossal Box and2009 Spring Collector's Tin price?

Anyone here know how much these go for.

Regigigas Colossal Box

2009 Spring Collector’s Tin

And does anyone here have any

Ah those, they wont be cheap or easy to find i dont think(chances are sealed are with collectors) :confused: just gotta hunt around for them tbh

Tin seems like $100+
very hard to find a “deal” on this, though I’m not sure what fair price to pay is, 4 sold out in April for $65 I believe

also here are some other Regigigas products

I did check that one but he has only 5 and 80% feedback. Cheers anyway. I’m just hoping I can get a decent deal for both of them.

Here’s a Colossal Regigigas Box on EBay for $100. Seller also taking best offers! Looks like he has around a dozen in stock.

Spiring collector tin Shaymin:

Spring Collection tin Giratina:

Spring Collection Tin Dialga

Just went straight for current listings on eBay and did not check sold. Let me know if this helps!

Does anyone know how I contact Wowlootsellers (Colossal Regigigas Box seller) outside ebay? I may like to make a large purchase with obo items, and would obviously like the extra 10% off if possible

Might want to avoid that seller:

Good luck making any deal that is > 3% off. Guy barely budges on any product he has.

that was a surprisingly fun thread to read :blush: