Rarity of Daisuki DPt-P vs. L-P

How much rarer are the DPt-P versions of the Daisuki Pikachu, Darkrai, and Cresselia than their L-P counterparts?

In my opinion, the DPt versions are. I have no information on how many have been released. I’ve found it much harder to find the DPt version of the Pikachu (>$100) than the L-P version (<$100). Also, I have never seen or heard of an existing DPt Cresselia or Darkrai. Which leads me to my next question, has anyone ever owned or seen a Dpt version of the Darkrai or Cresselia?

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I have only heard rumors of them. I know Claire has been on the hunt for awhile. In fact, every time I hear about them I associate them with her. But I have never actually seen them.

So is Bulbapedia incorrect in listing them?

From what DJGigabyte found out about the Cresselia and Darkrai DPt/P at Worlds was that only a handfull of those were produced before the LP changeover wheras the pikachu being the lowest prize more of them were produced and obtained by players but the other 2 had a higher point requirment and not enough players at the time had the point to cash in so it is hard to say how many in total were actually given out but im pretty sure a few copies are out there some where.

I think we just need to form a team of collectors and go to Japan and solve all of our inquiries.

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You’re about to get a handful of glares and a lot of PMs.


Wait, shouldn’t it be “high” places? I thought we were dealing Pokemon cards not drugs.

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