DPt-P Darkrai and Cresselia - two of the rarest cards in the hobby

The Daisuki Club was a program that existed in Japan where members could acquire Action Points (AP) by competing in tournaments that would be rewarded with promo cards. A very detailed summary of the Daisuki Club can be found on Pokumon:

[source: images and table from Pokumon]

Rank AP required DPt-P promo L-P Promo
Normal 0
Bronze 200
Silver 400
Gold 1200 Pikachu (016/DPt-P) Pikachu (019/L-P)
Super 3200 Cresselia (045/DPt-P)
Darkrai (046/DPt-P)
Cresselia (020/L-P)
Darkrai (021/L-P)
Hyper 5200 Raichu (044/L-P)
Special 7200 Espeon (053/L-P)
Umbreon (054/L-P)
Master 8600 Master’s Scroll (055/L-P)

The L-P promos in this set may be familiar, but what is less known are the three cards that were very briefly made available as DPt-P promos. Because the point collection window overlapped the tail end of the DPt-P era, the Gold and Super Rank prizes were also produced as DPt-P promos. However It was very difficult to acquire points fast enough to redeem the Super Rank prize, especially since bomb threats cancelled many of the 2008 Battle Roads tournaments.

The Gold Rank Pikachu is available as both a DPt-P promo and L-P promo with different promo numbers. The border style and the “LV.23” next to the Pokemon name are the most apparent differences in style. The DPt-P version is much rarer due to the limited release window.

The Super Rank Cresselia and Darkrai are two of the rarest cards in the TCG. Because of their numbering, they are required for a complete DPt-P set. To my knowledge, only a few copies of each have publicly surfaced. They currently sit at pop 1 for Cresselia and pop 2 for Darkrai (though it’s unclear whether the other copy is a mislabel or a true DPt-P). It is very likely that other copies exist in Japan that have yet to publicly surface.

I have owned these copies for multiple years and only recently received them from the PWCC vault so I thought I should share high quality scans and the story behind them.


I know Rare Candy acquired a sealed Super Rank envelope, among others.

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L-P or DPt-P?
I was wondering if that collection had one

Ahh, I just looked at the YouTube video that Instagram Reel was from (if it even sent). You can’t tell from the reel, but you can zoom in and see that it’s L-P. Darn. I was really hoping…sorry for the fake out…

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I cannot imagine owning cards of this magnitude and never even holding them in your hands. Truly unfathomable to me. o.O


Well they are here in-hand now :palms_up_together:


A joyous sight, and as it should be. Blessed are cards held close to the heart.

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Glad they actually made it to you!

Thanks for sharing something so unique!

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These cards are so special and it must be a great feeling to hold in-hand. I remember, you had mentioned in discord having these and to be honest, I though you had 10’s for these cards. Thanks for sharing the images. They are once in a lifetime or even never in a lifetime cards.


Wow! Super rank! :heart_eyes::star_struck:

Are these even rarer than Umbreon gold star JPN? Let me know the rarity level

I’ve never seen another copy of either

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There’s another person that owns the Darkrai.


Nice to see, do you know their username?

I also met a guy in Japan that claims to have them. Based on his collection I believe it. But I didn’t actually see it myself


It belongs to a private Japanese collector on twitter “@09YjvJu3xjXhNPg


Rarity aside, I think the borders on the Dpt-P cards look sleeker.

I didn’t realize both cards combine to make a single illustration.

I’ve always been curious if people actually won them or if they just happened to get out


I see some on eBay like this one. Are they different cards? Sorry if this is a dumb question

Read the first post lol


Sorry I’m at work so I skimmed lol