Rare Error Price Check

For those of you with interest and experience in unique errors, which card would have the most value:

A card that had like a 1 inch square random piece of newspaper that somehow floated and stuck between the foil and printing stages
A related piece of scrap stuck in there, like company logo or dates you’d find at the end of the foil roll.

Think Cigar Hitmonlee error, for those of you familiar with that iconic error, which would be considered a random or unrelated object.


Just hypothetical right now…no pics.

I’d personally value the second higher with ONE exception: the piece of newspaper displays a date.

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Interesting observation:)

So that’s:

1 vote “Related Object”
0 votes “Unrelated Object”

Give me your votes guys:)

I would generally prefer the related object personally. But for something like this, it’s all on a case-by-case basis. There’s potential for some really cool stuff within both categories.

…do you have something to show us :wink:?

Definitely would have to say the second one. Anything that ties a card with it’s maker or the place of origin is definitely a much more interesting piece in my book.

That being said, I can easily see someone greatly interested in such a screw up as a newspaper print in a card!

Blerh I don’t really like collecting errors much… I guess because I actually pulled a machine made error cut from a 1st edition revelation booster box… that stupid 1st ed shining magikarp I mentioned a while ago. It has been sliced across the front when being cut wrongly. Which just looks like a massive scratch. Its a real error from WOTC but not looked upon highly by collectors.

I’ve even pulled some Chinese base cards where the holo-foil had melted into the card above, and the entire front sheet became wrinkly. It was peeling off heavily, and I threw them away just last year. This was probably induced by being stored in a hot environment, although the pack was not saturated by light or heat.

If I had to choose anything, I guess unrelated, as it is perhaps more unlikely, and rarer? than the other. Related production errors I have pulled just seem less aesthetically pleasing to people, and can be somewhat faked? an unrelated would be difficult to fake like that cigar.

I definitely echo this opinion.

“Related object” would appeal more to me and I agree it should be able to establish a timeline or a direct correlation. Thanks.

I’d prefer the related object, but like said before there are exceptions. It all depends on what is displayed on the piece of newspaper (date, piece of a puzzle or cartoon, name of an important person etc would be sweet).

Honestly it all depends on what the unrelated object actually is. So for now I will go with Related Object.

Does anyone have a picture of the cigar label Hitmonlee? I can’t find one anywhere on the internet.

Thanks for all the input.

Here’s the deal. The card I’m talking about IS that iconic error “Cigar Hitmonlee”. I’m sure some of you are quite familiar with it;)

My friend Reuben, who is a new member here on UPCCC, flew up here to Vegas to talk Pokemon. While we were going over some of my extreme oddities he saw this card and decided we should research it based on the info and logo we could decipher on the scrap.
Turns out…it was a scrap from the end of the Holofoil roll and has the name of the company and their logo that produced the foil for Wizards of the Coast.
It has the ‘Red Crown’ logo and the company’s name Crown Roll Leaf Inc. Just based on that name you can understand how it got its name as the “Cigar Hitmonlee” error;)

On this ipad I’m having trouble uploading a pic but maybe someone else here can locate and post a pic.

Here’s the Crown Roll Leaf website:


Lol… we already have it in another thread. I thought I saw it before here. Behold.


Nice detective work, that’s cool!

Such an awesome error.

Incredible! It’s one of the few errors that really stand out. I love how we are always discovering new things about cards that have been around for over a decade.

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Yes Tony. It’s certainly amongst my top 3 collectibles. Having witnessed the sheet cutting process, how this happened is even more surprising than you’d think. It’s because the start and end of the foil roll is cut off in one piece, not shredded into small pieces. Quite odd…

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