Rando, Meme-Worthy Old School Pokedex from Russia

Random video that popped up in my feed today. It’s… entertaining, but completely uninformative.
It’s amazing how even in a country that did not have a localized version of the game, and had second-hand access to Pokemon’s IP, translated unofficially, apparently, it was still a big cultural presence.
:laughing: Some of these are just jacked up. Some are funny social commentary too. :thinking:

Yes, they read through the whole thing, but it’s mesmerizingly strange… At least in the first 30 minutes.


Parasect is apparently blinded by it’s past a mass-murderous vampiric Floridian…


“Kinglers are Krabby who lost faith in philosophy and crawled back in the sea to make money.”
:rofl: :rofl:


These are great. Gives the Pokemon a new personality. And some of them fit scarily well.

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These are extremely wholesome, great find.

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