Questions about Tins.

So I am getting my first tin this weekend and I wanna know a couple things from you guys.
As far as tins go, do you only collect your favorite pokemon tins? Or do buy all the tins?
Is the little plastic display with window good for cards? Can it fit a card in a top loader?
What do you end up keeping in your tins?


I avoid tins like the plague, but that doesn’t mean I can’t see their value.
I avoid them because the promos are of no interest to me, the plastic display you mention is not a display at all and you throw it away. The tins are good for C/UC/R bulk storage if you don’t have much of it, but the cards will move around and get damage, but for me the tins just take up space. The few I have bought have been donated to hold my mums sewing supplies.

If you liked to collect Promos then they are great, you get your promo and 4 booster packs.

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So they’re not even good for holding cards? Aww.

I was going to put my holos in there…

The shape is bad for holding cards in the first place. Rectangle cards in a Hexagonal shape doesn’t really go.

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Nope. Binders are much better.


Definitely get a Binder for your holos and nice cards! I recommend the 9 pocket Ultra pro Binder, holds 360 cards.
I would advised against the Monster Binders, they are good but you cant fill the binder up without causing the pages to bend and that may be harmful to your cards.


Tins are only good if you collect promos, and the promo can be damaged when they force it in that piece of shit plastic display. As using the tin for storage, I would only store used kitty litter in them.


I would not recommend them for storage either, they can be a nice deal sometimes to get a cool promo and some boosters to open but after that the tin becomes pretty useless.
I just have one laying around and I currently have some Pokemon figurines in there :blush:

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There’s a LOT of better options for card storage.


Tins = no bueno

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Tins’re great for getting cards, you get one promo (usually EX) and FOUR booster packs! Isn’t that great?
But they’re the worst option to store cards. If you want to keep bulks, buy storage boxes (simple cardboard or Japanese ones with cards inside). If you want to display cards, buy binder.

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I just recalled,… One of my sons custom cut out a piece of styrofoam to fit in his tins then cut out the center to fit toploadered cards. They were pretty nice.
PS…is “toploadered” a word lol.

I do not think it is, but I’d say ‘Toploaded’ dropping the ‘er’

I’m sure your right house;)

I am always right, if you disagree with me I’ll crash the stock price of whichever blue chip company you are most heavily invested in.

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All of you guys hate tins? I thought the tins themselves were collectible much like figurines or something.
You guys are hard core collectors!

Why would I disagree with someone who’s always right…hihi.

Tin collectors? Maybe empty blister packaging collector.
I think the tin man from Wizard of Oz collects tins.

Actually though, I think they’re pretty cool and people do collect empty booster packs:)