Questions about Generations' radiant collection

Were the Charmander or Charmeleon ever available as a reverse holo? If not where they ever available in a Holo form in Japan?

It is my favorite Charizard-line artwork by far and I want to get a set framed to display, was just wondering if they ever came in any holo form.

Also anyone know if the set was available as 1st edition only in japan, or did it have an unlimited set also? A Japanese seller on amazon has it listed as both and the one marked 1st edition he’s asking twice as much for, but the images he has for both sets are marked 1st edition.

As far as I know there is only the 1st Ed version of it in Japanese. I don’t trust Amazon for cards mainly because of lack of clarity in the listings. The charmander and meleon in Japan are not holo like the charizard but have Holo graphics on them, but the English ones do not.

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Ah, awesome! thank you so much!!!

That is the best news I could have hoped for, will get a Japanese set framed then!