question about a card

hello all, i was doing some cleaning and found my old cards. and i was trying to see if any had any value but i cant seem to find this one card. its a japanese one but when i do a search for it, i cant find anything. any idea how i can find the value of the card? not sure if this is the right area or not. if anyone has a idea what the card is worth please let me know.

Not crazy valuable, but you should hang onto it! You can never replace your original collection. It’s worth more than you’ll realize until it’s gone.


did not think it would have much if any. i have not played touched my cards in i dont know how many years. really dont have any of high value. thanks for the info

Ya what @funmonkey54 is saying is that your original collection has a lot of nostalgic value to you and that if you sell it, only then will you truly find out how valuable it is to you. I recommend holding onto it. Especially if you really enjoyed collecting when you were younger. If nothing else it will be cool to pass on to your kids and show them what you use to enjoy as a kid.

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