Old pokemon cards

Hi there. First time poster here and probably like a few first time posters I have just dug out my old pokemon cards.

Now I have no idea how common or rare any of what I have is however when I was younger I completed what I call the ‘original 150’. The majority are mint condition, problem I have is that I have one or two foreign cards (Japanese possibly, i’m not sure) and a couple of cards like "dark dragonair’ rather than the ordinary version. I am considering properly completing my collection now by ensuring every card is mint original and English. However I’m not sure if it is worth it?

The questions I’m asking are;
Will it be expensive to get say 10 or 15 cards by themselves in mint condition? How expensive are the originals? If I was to complete the collection is it actually worth anything? (Will probably try and complete it anyways just unsure as to its monetary value if I could bring myself to sell).

Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks.

Hi. Go to ebay.com and search the cards your missing for cost. Plus, you can look yours up to see what they are selling for which would give you best idea of value.

If you have images, that would be a lovely way for us to see what you are missing :blush: